Thursday, October 25, 2012

Laws of the Universe

One I've learned recently is that if you picture a project long enough, and go to Lowe's frequently enough, the supplies you need will eventually appear on the "oops" paint rack.  Allow me to present to you the first of several $2.50 paint projects.

I'd been dreaming and scheming of a pop of color on the doors outside.  My first idea was to go for a kelly green, like this one I saw on Pinterest a couple of months ago:

green door
 But then we were downtown last weekend and I saw a lovely grey home with an orange door (sorry, no pic).  I was confused.  But not terribly worried about it, since I have a gazillion other projects before I should even be thinking about bothering to paint the door......right? 


The universe decided the color for me when I found a quart of green exterior paint on the oops rack for just two and a half bucks. 

So the other morning, when I was exhausted from a week of painting and flooring, I decided to just do a teeny tiny project, because I have to make at least one thing new and shiny each day, right?

Enter a before and after.  Our side door (which we actually use as our main entrance) a few days ago:

 And now:

Oh, then I thought I'd go ahead and knock out the real front door during Zeph's afternoon nap.

The before:

And now:

I think it's just the welcome note of color our house needed--and so cheap!

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