Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sneak Peeks and a Weekend Update

Hello, friends!  We tried to take a break this weekend, but instead decided to power on with some projects around the house.  It was particularly inspiring to walk in the door Friday afternoon to....this!

Our beautifully painted great room.  We had Jeff and John paint it since the ceilings are so vaulted.  When I arrived home, I felt like I was on an HGTV show walking in to the big reveal, it was so exciting.  They still have the ceiling to do and the sunroom, which should be done tomorrow.  Then we can move onto staining those floors!

Yesterday, Patrick, his dad and brother James all worked on getting our appliances in working order around the house.  They had a few snags and had to finish up this morning, mostly because of the dryer vent underneath the house.  We knew from our inspection report that the dryer hose didn't extend outside the house, which is a big no-no!  Here is Patrick about to head under into the crawlspace:

Watch out for those spiders, boo!

Here's James in the laundry room, while Patrick is underneath:

Well, I'm not sure exactly what those boys did, but I do know that I now have a working washer and dryer, and even a dishwasher!  Hooray, thanks, guys!

Once all that grunt work was over, the boys took Z-man into the garage while they piddled on the truck.  Best playpen ever:

Shirtless in the back of a pick-up truck: Zeph is officially a country boy!

While I had my hands free, I decided to get to work spray painting our biznasty bathroom mirrors and our kitchen cabinet knobs.  Here are the bathroom mirrors before (the mirror portion is covered with posterboard and painters tape):

That's not even dirt around the edges, it is the DESIGN OF THE FRAME!  Yuck.

And here are the mirrors after I finished with them:

Hello, gorgeous!

They are currently drying out in the side yard, but I'll post another after shot once they're hanging in the bathroom.

My other spray project of the day was the cabinet knobs from  the kitchen.  You may recall we're painting the cabinets white, and the walls a very pale blue, so I thought it'd be fun to punch up these boring old things with some color.  So we've gone from this:


To this!

Hot hot hot!

Tomorrow my mom and brother are coming back to finish painting the front of the cabinet doors, so we should have a finished product by the middle of the week!   I can't wait to see all the pieces put together.  And have a fully functioning kitchen. 

Onward ho!


  1. My classic "staring into a hole pose" :-)

  2. One we saw many times this weekend! Thanks for all your help :)