Sunday, May 13, 2012

Let's take a walk

Sorry, everyone...I thought I scheduled this one to post last week!  Updates to come soon....

Our tour comes to an end today with a walk around the property.  Here's an angled shot of the front of the house with the garage to the right.

Here's the left side of the house and the back porch:

I love all the mature flowering bushes!  I think those are azaleas fading, and there are also several rhododendron beginning to bloom throughout the yard.

Here's another shot of the back of the house.  The area between the side and the garage is fenced in.  We're assuming the previous owners had a dog.  Since Schultz isn't one to run away, we originally thought we'd use that area for vegetable gardening.  However, we noticed the area directly behind the house seems to get more sunlight, so we may move the beds back there.  I'm hoping we can convince the county to let us have a  few chickens, and they could go in the fenced area.  (you have to have a special permit for hens if you have less than three acres).

Another view of the fenced area....

....And here we are at the front again!

I'd like to paint the front door to spice it up a bit.  At first I thought about a bright red, but then I thought, what about a kelly green?  Any other ideas?

I've got lots of design inspiration ideas on my Pinterest page (including a green door) - check them out!

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